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Wooden Monogram-wooden monogram, wooden letter, wooden interlocking monogram, pinterest monogram, door monogram, nursery letters, nursery monogram, monogram door hanger
Wooden Monogram

Oh my stars! I have been looking at these on Pinterest for months and just knew I had to find them! So, here they are!! Yay!  

The Wooden Monograms are perfect to hang above your bed, on your door, on a lamp shade, as a tag on a birthday gift, on your stockings, as a tree topper...they are also awesome wedding, housewarming, baby shower, birthday, apology, thank you for being fabulous gifts!  


The UNFINISHED Wooden Monograms come from 8 inches up to 36 inches & in 6 different styles:

1. Single Initial

2. 3 Letter Interlocking Monogram

3. Circle Scalloped Edge with Interlocking Monogram (18-36 in)

4. Circle Regular Edge with Interlocking Monogram (18-36 in) 5. Square Scalloped Edge with Interlocking Monogram (18-36 in)

6. Square Smooth Edge with Interlocking Monogram (18-36 in)  


***Have you seen the NEW Mr. & Mrs. Connected Wooden Sign? Click HERE! ***  


They are made of birch and will ship to you (or me, if you choose local pickup) unfinished. You can finish them using primer, spray paint, and a little sand paper. No skill needed! Just imagine you are spraying Aquanet on your big 80s hair! :)


Here is a blog post my sweet friend did on the Patina Finish! Patina Monogram DIY

I painted mine with craft paint because I am way too impatient for spray paint! :)  


If choosing a 3 letter monogram, use the following as a guideline:

For a married monogram, the wife's first initial would be on the left and the husband's first initial on the right with their last name initial in the middle. So, John and Lacy Smith's monogram would be LSJ.  


For a personal monogram, it would be first name, last name, middle name. So, Lacy Marie Smith would be LSM.  


The Wooden Monograms are not made in house, so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


Not sure what size to order? The size is based on the larger, middle letter (so if you order a 14 inch monogram, the center letter will be 14 inches tall - the width will depend on the other letters). If you choose a 14 inch bordered monogram, the border would be 14 inches tall and the monogram will then fit within that size.  


Here are a few guidelines: The 8 inch monograms are great to use at baby showers, as an add on to a wreath, as a Christmas ornament, tied on a door knob, as a gift tag.  


For most front door monograms, 18-24 inch monograms or single initials is suggested.  

If you are planning to hang one over your bed, I would suggest measuring your headboard and then estimate from there. Normally, 20-26 inch monograms are a great size.  


As always, if you have any questions, please contact me here. I will be glad to help you however I can!  


If there are any defects in the merchandise once received, please contact me immediately, and we can begin the return process. There are no returns on non-defective 3 letter monograms (if you ordered incorrectly or change your mind) due to the nature of customization.

square edge


circle edges

First Name Letter Initial (left/wifeís first name):
Middle Name Letter Initial (right-husbandís first initial):
Last Name Initial (middle):
Verify Initials in First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Initial Order:
Verify Last Name initial one more time! :):
Event Date-if applicable:
Comments or Special Requests:

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